Need a Mechanic? Here’s What to Look For

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive – whether it be this year’s model or a time-tested classic – you will need to find a mechanic service you can trust. Regular maintenance is a must to prevent devastating and costly breakdowns. Investigating the mechanic services near you is a good investment of time. The list below will show you what to look for.


The longevity of a mechanic service is a testament to its quality. A company of any kind won’t last long if it’s not delivering the goods. If the company has been around for five years or more, that is a promising sign.


Make sure your auto repair company has been registered with the relevant state and national authorities. Licensing is a sign that a company meets minimum standards of competency. Using an unlicensed service puts your vehicle at risk – and if the repair goes wrong (which is likely), you will have no legal recourse. In California, look up your mechanic service in the Bureau of Automotive Repair and the Better Business Bureau.


Today, we have a larger diversity of vehicles on the road than ever before, and of course they will not have the same maintenance needs. Make sure that your mechanic service is familiar with different vehicles, and understands each one’s requirements.

Good Reputation

Look for a mechanic service with a good reputation. Start by asking the people you know which services they trust most. Then look up the services on sites such as – if the service has a majority of high ratings, it’s a good sign.


Does your mechanic service have the right equipment? That doesn’t necessarily mean having the most up-to-date equipment; it means having the equipment that meets the needs of your particular vehicle.


Ask how much your mechanic service can tell you about your vehicle’s needs. This is not only a matter of experience, but a matter of education as well. Good businesses of all kinds never stop learning.


Above all, your mechanic service should have integrity. That means putting your requirements above its own. It will suggest the services your vehicle needs, nothing more; it will never tack on unnecessary repairs or inflate the bill. It will prioritize the health of your vehicle, and not keep it “sick” so you’ll have to come back over and over again.

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