4 Important Guidelines to Find the Right Tutor to Help Your Child’s Education

If you are one of those parents who has decided to take the help of a tutor to supplement your child’s learning at school, the next big step you need to take is finding a tutor who will best meet your child’s needs and enhance his/her academic success. Challenging though it may seem, you can easily zero in on the right person for the job when you go about the process in a systematic manner. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while going about your search.

Level of Tutoring

Are you looking for a tutor to help your child with homework? Does your child need just a bit of after-school help or are you looking for a person who can re-teach daily lessons? Are your child’s grades dropping and do you think intensive coaching is required? A clear understanding of what your child needs is the first step towards finding the right tutor.

Nature of Tutoring

Are you looking for someone who can tutor your child in all subjects or would you prefer to focus on specific subjects? Do you seek a person who can provide a long-term tutoring commitment or are looking for short-term coaching for say, a few months? How often will your child need classes – on a daily basis, on alternate days, or on the weekend? Would you want to keep the tutoring hours flexible or do you prefer a set schedule? These are a few questions you need to think about before the tutor hunt begins.

Qualifications & Track Record of the Tutor

Once you have some options in hand, it is time to start testing them to see how well they match your child’s needs. The best way to start is by asking questions based on the candidates’ educational background, teaching experience, methods used to evaluate a student’s skills and performance, the tutoring methods used etc. It is also essential to find out the place where the tutoring will go on, how long it is expected to take to start seeing your child’s progress, and the charge for services, in addition to checking if the proposed tutoring schedule works for you. Enquire about the improvement shown by other clients and get references of people who can vouch for the candidate’s efficiency. As the tutor you hire is going to be working closely with your child, it is vital to verify credentials thoroughly.

Child-Tutor Rapport

An important aspect you need to pay attention to is your child’s level of comfort with the tutor. First and foremost, the tutor must be able to instill confidence in your child and give him/her plenty of positive reinforcement. The tutor should be able to assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and work around them. Your child should be able to share his concerns, seek clarification without hesitation, feel completely at ease with the tutor you choose, and make the most of the individualized attention and time he/she receives.

Yet another criterion that could make or break a deal is the pricing of a tutor’s services. But while you go about collecting quotes from various service providers and get ready to make your choice, there is still bound to be some anxiety in your mind. Well, that’s understandable; you can never be sure if the tutor you’ve chosen is the best choice for your child. JobQuotes lets you go about the process in a hassle-free manner, and helps you be more certain of your choice. We’ve got a high success rate in helping consumers find the right professional(s) for their needs, and we can, of course, help you find the most-suitable tutor in your location to help your child come through with flying colors. 

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