Choosing a Book Editor


Congratulations! You have finished writing your book – a goal that many people dream of, but few actually realize.

After you give yourself a well-earned pat on the back, it’s time to edit. You can try to do this yourself, but you’ve lived with this book for months, if not years. A book needs a fresh pair of eyes for an objective view of the improvements you need to before it reaches the public.

It’s time for you to hire an editor!

But first, ask yourself what you want out of this editor. Think about the several different types of editing:

  1. Proofreading: looking for spelling errors, misplaced punctuation, and misused words (example: using “principal” when you mean “principle,” and vice versa).
  2. Copy editing: doing not only the work of a proofreader, but standardizing notes, bibliographies, and reference lists (if applicable), and making sure the book adheres to the Chicago Manual of Style (if requested by the author or potential publisher).
  3. Line editing: Analyzing every sentence of the book. Improving sentence structure and tone. Improving clarity. Checking facts (vital in both non-fiction and fiction which mentions real-life events)
  4. Developmental editing: Looking at the book as a whole. Seeing if the book works in terms of characterization, plotting, emotion, and theme. Developmental editing tunes up your book not only to make it more likely to sell, but more likely to be remembered – and even loved.

Where can you find such editors? Where else but, which is one-stop shopping when it comes to hiring professionals of all stripes. Go to the appropriate category, scroll through all of the professionals listed, and make your choice based on what your book needs. It is a good idea to ask for a small sample first before hiring.

Hiring a great editor is the next step to getting your book ready for its public debut, whether you’re submitting it to a traditional publisher or going the self-publishing route. Come and visit JobQuotes today!

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