Finding a Reliable Moving Service

Finding a Reliable Moving Service: Why JobQuotes is the Answer

Packing and moving from one home to another is a stressful process, but things can become a lot more challenging if you don’t find a mover who can get the job done efficiently. Though there are a lot of options in the yellow pages, you’ll only find out the “who” and not the “why.” Finding and choosing a reliable service provider can be hard when you aren’t sure where to start. But a few steps can help you through the process.

Start Looking for Options

The first thing to do is to collect names of movers in your locality. You could ask your friends, neighbors, and family for suggestions and see if any of them are up to your expectations. You could look online, take a quick look through the directory, and check with the locals about various companies before you proceed.

Subcontracting is a Wise Choice

Though many may feel skeptical about moving with subcontractors, we say why not? There are several pluses to using the services of a subcontractor. Most of them specialize in certain aspects of moving, such as removing a satellite dish, dismantling a plasma/LED TV and chandeliers, and transporting bulky and expensive objects such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, pianos, pool tables, etc. If you have a house full of expensive or delicate goods, these are the people you should be opting for. You can request special services based on the items you own. Since these movers also provide insurance, this is one of the safest moving choices.

Collect Estimates from Movers

Estimates are usually based on the amount of time to move, the size and weight of the packages, and the distance to be covered. Call a few movers to your home and have them take a look at all the appliances and furniture you have so that they can give you proper estimates. Let them know the location you are moving to. Remember to mention details that could pose problems such as elevators, stairs, etc.

Estimates differ between traveling within your state and traveling between states (interstate). While traveling interstate, you can request your service provider for a binding estimate or even a binding not-to-exceed estimate. This is applicable while traveling within some U.S. states as well. This will prevent unexpected expenses on the day you move, and save you from unpleasant decisions that you’ll have to make on moving day. Once you’ve collected estimates from at least four to five movers, you can start narrowing down your options.

Make Calculations and Compare Bids

Take a close look at the bids; be cautious about bids that are exceptionally low or exceptionally high. If the bids are too cheap, it may be a sign of an inexperienced or shoddy company. If the bids are too expensive, call the company and ask what justifies the higher cost. There are a few companies that might be open to bargains.

Run Background Checks

Collect details such as the full company name, address, website and email addresses, phone numbers, DBS (Doing Business As) names, DOT and MC license numbers, and references. Make a call to your Secretary of State’s office and ask for Articles of Incorporation, which show how long each of the movers has been in the business. Get license information of each of the movers’ trucks from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This will help you determine if they belong to the service providers or not. Small checks like these will help you protect yourself from rogue movers. Finally, run a check to see if the shortlisted movers are registered with and have existing insurance on the FMCSA Licensing and Insurance site.

Now, we’re sure you are aware of how to go about finding a reliable mover. Though it might sound simple and easy to do, it could become tedious if you are not taking the proper steps, especially when it comes to running background checks. The best way to go about this is to leave the work to an enterprise that can get things done for you in a stress-free manner with utmost precautions. JobQuotes caters to your different needs by listing services such as:

Take a few minutes to answer simple questions about the service(s) you are looking for, and you can receive a number of estimates from interested providers. Moving house can be as easy as a walk in the park when you hire a mover listed on JobQuotes.

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