Need Computer Repair? Here’s What to Look For

The days when a business can run on pencil and paper (or even calculator and printer ink) are long gone. If you’re doing any kind of business in 2015 – even if it’s the business of taking care of the household – you need at least one personal computer, and you need it to do what you need it to do, when you need it done.

A well-qualified, reliable computer repair company is vital to have in your contact list. Don’t rely on a manual or your neighbor or your kids (unless they are professional repairpeople) to perform this job. This is no time to cut corners.

How do you know which computer repair company is best for you? Ask these questions first before choosing:

  1. What is their pricing, and how does it compare to the rest of the market? Prices that are significantly lower than average are a red flag. It is a sign of a company that does substandard work – or is brand new and hasn’t done the research of finding out how much its work is really worth (essential before starting business). Most professional computer repair shops have a flat rate (not an hourly rate); this is best to avoid “bill creep.”
  2. What are their qualifications? Don’t be shy about asking. Many computer repair companies have technicians certified by brand names such as Apple, Microsoft, Dell, etc. If your computer is a match, that’s a huge plus.
  3. Can they help you with your particular problem? Do you need virus cleanup? Data recovery (a notoriously tough job, but not impossible)? Installation of hardware? A performance tuneup? A custom rebuild? Laptop repair (laptops have distinct issues from desktop PCs)? Is the company honest enough to tell you that the only solution to your problem is to buy a new computer?
  4. What do other people have to say? Look through all of their reviews online. Many companies have testimonials on their websites, but you can’t completely rely on them because they are naturally cherry-picked (no company would feature a bad review on its own website!).
  5. Does the company offer a money-back guarantee and/or a warranty? This is a sign that a company truly stands behind its work by putting its income on the line.
  6. Is the company on JobQuotes is the site where professionals come to find people who need their help. Just sign up for JobQuotes (it’s completely free), post the task you need done (such as “hard drive repair”), and let the professionals bid on your work! Professionals on JobQuotes are listed with contact information, websites, and testimonials from prior customers. It is truly one-stop-shopping for service. Take a look today!

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