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Well…there aren’t any.

The only “rule” when it comes to hair today is, “Be yourself.”

Never has there been more acceptance for various styles, textures, and lengths of hair than today. In the 1950s, men were expected to keep their hair short and tamed with Brylcreem. In the 1960s, women were expected to have long, straight hair with bangs, even if you had to use soup cans as curlers to make it so (imagine sleeping in that!) But today, anything goes – and it’s about time. I can’t think of anything you can do “wrong” with your hair (not even the mullet, believe it or not!).

Now that you’re in charge, what are you looking for?

Do you want a freewheeling beachy wave – a soft, wavy style that makes you want to stroll out in your swimsuit and sunglasses?

Do you want an adorable pixie cut which is easy to wash and quick to dry?

Do you want a medium bob which teases with a brush against one eyebrow?

Do you want a Brazilian blowout which gives your hair long-lasting sleekness and smoothness?

Do you want an elegant, uplifted French twist for that extra-special occasion?

Do you want gentle, romantic waves to make you look like the heroine of a classic love story?

Do you want to be close-cropped on the sides for a modern “punk” look?

Do you want a shag to make you feel like a rock star?

Do you want to embrace your natural curls, whether short or long?

Do you want a soft, fluffy Afro with curls that bounce?

Do you want elaborate micro-braids that will make you the star of every room you enter?

Do you want to “grow” your hair the easy way with an extension or weave?

Or is it a change of color you seek?

Perhaps from brown to blonde, from blonde to red, to gray to the color you had in high school. Perhaps you are ready for highlights (by foil or by brushing, or balayage), or something daring like salsa red or electric blue.

When you are ready to make a change to your hair, who can you turn to?

Look no further than

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The time is now to show off your crowning glory. Give a good look today – so we can help give you a good look!

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