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Why Husbands and Boyfriends Hate the Spring

You know how it goes.

The calendar pages turn and turn – and then, all of a sudden, spring is here again. The air outside is warmer, thawing the winter cold that has put a brake on human effort.

You look around your home and notice the little (and not-so-little) things that are not quite right. The outside paint is peeling. The wood deck is dull and warped. The refrigerator is rumbling, the water flow is bumbling, the doors are creaking, and the mice are squeaking.

Time to start writing your “honey-do” list so your honey can take care of those little and not-so-little things…

Hold that thought.

Your honey already works hard – if not at a job outside the home, then inside the home taking care of the kids, bringing home the groceries, taking the car out for repairs, etc.

Think about it – is it really fair to add gutter-cleaning and lawn-mowing to that list?

No one likes to be nagged, and no one likes to be a nag. In the short term, nagging may get things done, but is the corrosive effect on your relationship worth it? Of course not.

Here’s where comes in. We have extensive listings for just about any kind of handyman service you can think of.

Need someone to unblock your leaf-clogged gutters? We have that.

Need someone to mow your lawn (if you still have one)? We have that, too.

Need someone to tend to the drought-tolerant plants you replaced your lawn with? Of course we have that; we’re in California.

Need someone to trim the trees now that they are green again? Contact us today.

Need someone to clean your pond or fountain? Don’t wait too long before checking our site.

Need someone to get your pool and spa ready for those summer parties you know you’ll be having? Don’t wait at all!

Need someone to clean the chimney you used over the winter? Look no further.

Need someone to pump the (ewwww) septic tank? We’ve got those brave folks.

Need someone to clean the windows so they can let the sun shine in? It’s right here on JobQuotes.

Need someone to change the air filters inside the home? Stop the sneezing; check our listings.

Need someone to fill the cracks in the drywall? Those look awful; come to us right away.

Need someone to give your carpet and floors a true cleaning (the products you buy at the store don’t always cut it)? We’re here for you.

Need someone to fix the appliances you rely upon every day (refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, television, satellite, etc.)? Don’t delay; come to our site at once.

Need someone to fix the toilet, reglaze the sink and tub, put up new tile, and/or install new faucets? A better bathroom is just a click away.

Need someone to shoo away those uninvited guests called rodents, insects, and spiders? Let the professionals of JobQuotes de-pest your home.

Need someone to put insulation in the attic…before winter comes again? You know who to seek.

Whatever your home needs, has someone to take care of it. Scroll through our listings, read our professionals’ customer ratings, and contact the one you think will work best for your home’s needs.

Then, sit back and spend some good old-fashioned quality time with your less-stressed honey. Go out to dinner. Take your bikes to the beach. Visit your neighbors and friends. Bring the whole family to Disneyland or Knott’s. – your partner in making this the best spring and summer ever!

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