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Not Fit For Summer Yet? It’s Not Too Late to Hire a Personal Trainer

While it is true that every body is potentially a “beach body” (which is, literally, a body which is on the beach), it’s still not too late for you to shape your own body into a profile that will make you happy. In Southern California, swimsuit weather lasts long after summer’s official end.

A personal trainer can help you reach your body goals faster. Why is this investment worth it? Here are three key reasons:

  1. Goals love company. It is, of course, possible to perform a fitness regimen by yourself. But having someone else by your side while getting fit just makes it that much more interesting and lively.
  2. Working one-on-one with a trainer gives you a more personalized workout than going to a class with many others. Your trainer can talk to you and observe you to discover what you need with every workout – whether it be a bigger challenge or dialing back when you’re sore or tired.
  3. It’s easier to get out of bed (or put your sneakers on) for a real live person than it is for a class or a video. When you work with a trainer, you don’t want to let him or her down. It’s human nature. At the risk of sounding hardcore practical, if you’re paying an average of $30.00 an hour (according to the National Federation of Personal Trainers), that makes it easier, too.

So now that you’re convinced that working out with a personal trainer is best for you, how do you find one? These tips will help:

  1. Check the trainer’s certification and education. Look for certificates from either the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), or the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA). Also look for liability insurance – exercise cannot be made zero-risk. Lesser risk, on the other hand…
  2. Make sure that the trainer’s regimen is based on solid, time-tested exercise science and not the latest fitness fad. A trainer can call any workout a “boot camp” or “caveman fitness”, but if these are not based on moves which have been proven to work (or worse, moves that are unsafe for human bodies), you could end up with an injury that keeps you out of summer fun altogether, and that’s not hip at all.
  3. The trainer should have a system to measure your progress. Knowing for sure that you’re getting better in your workouts is a powerful motivation to keep on the road to fitness.
  4. If you have special issues (obesity, chronic illness, injury, etc.), does the trainer know how to work with them to show you the best workout for your condition?
  5. Most importantly, can you work with this person? Personal trainers are like exercise regimens – it’s important that you find one that you will stick with. Some of us get up and running for the drill-sergeant type. Others need a more gentle and nurturing approach. You can find out about your trainer’s approach by speaking to his or her present and past clients and reading reviews.

Where can you find the trainer who’s best for you? You can start by asking your gym, or people whose bodies you admire.

You can also come to to find a listing of personal trainers in your neighborhood. Our professionals have been rated by our customers, so you know what to expect.

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