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What You Need to Know Before You Remodel Your Home This Summer

It goes without saying that out of the four seasons, summer is the most ideal one for major home remodeling. The sky and the ground will (most likely) be dry, and with the exception of the Fourth of July, there are no major holidays. Some homeowners will take vacations, further minimizing the impact of remodeling.

Summer is the time when you want that outdoor kitchen, that patio deck, that sunroom, even that gazebo. But before making that call to the nearest contractor, read this list first:

  1. Do you know exactly what you want done? These days, you can’t just say “a new deck” or “an outdoor kitchen.” Seek out photos (perhaps on Pinterest or home design blogs) which show how you want your remodel to look like, as well as the individual components (grill, stonework, paint, etc.).
  2. When thinking about what you want, make sure you don’t neglect what you Maybe the roof has a few holes it in that you don’t notice due to the lack of rainfall. Or the siding has deteriorated (especially the vinyl kind) and won’t be as insulating when cold weather returns. Make a thorough inventory of your home.
  3. Make sure your contractor has experience with the remodel that you plan. Interior and outdoor remodeling have different skill sets and materials.
  4. Don’t be tempted to go way over your budget. There is a difference between a realistic re-assessment of costs and breaking the bank (or going into debt) when you don’t really have to.
  5. Asking your neighbors and friends for referrals is a good place to start. But that should not be the end. Speak with your potential contractor company personally to see if it is right for you (previous clients may have had different projects, budgets, and time frames than you do).
  6. This has been said before, but it warrants repeating: make sure your contractor is licensed by the California Contractors State Licensing Board (CSLB). You can look up contractors by their license number (they do have a license, right?), their business name, or the business owner’s name. The Better Business Bureau is also a good website for vetting your contractor.
  7. Have a written contract ready before the first nail is hammered, the first paint is brushed, the first stone is implanted. It will be the roadmap for your remodeling project – and your safeguard if (and we hope not) things go wrong.
  8. Go to and look up contractors near you. We have a long listing of customer-rated contractors; you’re certain to find one who will get your home ready for summer.

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