Will Remodeling My Kitchen Really Increase My Home’s Value?


Before you answer this question, look at your own kitchen.

Does it look like a place that you want to spend time in? The time you need to create wholesome, memorable meals for the people whom you love?

Or is it a place dull and stultifying? A basic 1980s kitchen, with brown wood cabinets, white Formica countertops, and basic beige tiling on the walls and floor?

The kitchen is the heart of your home. If you don’t want to spend much time in it, what does that say about the home itself?

And if you feel this way – what would a stranger looking inside feel? A stranger who might be a potential buyer?

How would you answer the question now?

Kitchen remodeling isn’t cheap – the typical budget ranges from $5,000 for minor remodeling to over $50,000 for major overhauls. But if you are going to sell your home soon, the investment is worth it. If you overhaul your kitchen, you can recoup from 67.8% to 79.3% of the cost after selling your home, according to the Remodeling website.

Now that you know that your kitchen needs to be more than basic, how do you make that happen? In 2015, your choices are vast.

Cabinetry – Instead of boring basic brown, popular cabinet colors range from whites, off-whites, and pastels to dark browns and even black. This can be one of the most costly parts of kitchen remodeling, but you do have the option of painting or refinishing the cabinets you have already, and replacing the handles. You can also add space-expanders within the cabinets such as lazy susans or pull-out shelves.

Flooring – Hardwood, ceramic tile, and marble floors certainly add elegance to any kitchen. They are also expensive, and, because organic material can (and does) fall to the floor in a kitchen, tricky to keep maintained. But there is good news – you can find simulations of hardwood and ceramic tile which cost a fraction of the real thing, and have less onerous cleaning requirements.

Countertops – When you think of modern kitchen countertops, the first word you probably thought of was “granite.” It’s true that granite comes in a variety of colors, from light to dark and everything in between. But you can also choose ceramic tiles, butcher block wood, Corian (a solid surface material from DuPont, made from acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate), even stainless steel and recycled glass.

If you decide on a granite, dark granite is the best choice according to Patrick Driscoll, a New Hampshire-based contractor. Driscoll says at Yahoo Homes that “darker granites with consistent patterns tend to be the stronger stone, and the more elaborate the pattern, the more expensive the cost.”

A relatively inexpensive way to change a kitchen is to add a tiled backsplash on the walls between the countertop and cabinets. A popular choice is tiny, colorful glass tiles (which are also easy to clean).

Appliances – Stainless steel remains the top trend for major kitchen appliances such as stove/ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, etc. Other appliances can be set into the walls, such as coffeemakers, steam ovens, and warming trays.

If you have a smaller household, a new option is slimmer refrigerators. The Smeg company has smaller refrigerators in unusual and playful colors, which have been featured in popular magazines.

Etcetera – An island adds workspace, and can hold an extra sink or stovetop. It can even serve as a casual dining space if you add stools. You can hang a rack to hold your pots and pans over the island, to show that yes, we cook good food here.

You can also add lighting above the island and under the cabinets for greater visibility.

When you’re ready to begin kitchen remodeling – whether to add value to your home for resale or just to make it better for your own family – come to JobQuotes.com. We have a long list of professionals to help make your kitchen shine, from folks who can install cabinets and countertops to large appliance movers and installers to electricians and plumbers if major changes are in store. We let our customers rate our professionals, so that you know who you are getting. The road to a better kitchen is only a web visit away with JobQuotes.

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